Dexcom G4TM

Technical data

Manufacturer Dexcom, Inc.
6340 Sequence Drive
San Diego
CA 92121
Web site
Available since July 2012
Length of sensor relation 7 days
Request for re-calibration every 12 hours
Device stops showing glucose values if not re-calibrated in time No
Measured glucose value range 2.2 - 22.2 mmol/l
or 40 - 400 mg/dl
Measured values displayed every 5 minutes
Graphs show values for last 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours
High and low glucose alerts Yes
High and low glucose alerts show High or low value limit
Low glucose alert values 3.3 - 5.5 mmol/l in steps of 0.28 mmol/l
or 60 - 100 mg/dl in steps of 5 mg/dl
High glucose alert values 6.7 - 22.2 mmol/l in steps of 0.55 mmol/l
or 120 - 400 mg/dl in steps of 10 mg/dl
Rise / fall alert Yes
Rise / fall rate values 0.11 and 0.17 mmol/l/min
or 2 and 3 mg/dl/min
Predictive alerts No
Number of glucose values stored in transmitter in case of lost communication 0
Blood glucose range for calibration 1.1 - 33.3 mmol/l
or 20 - 600 mg/dl
Calibration based on Data collected before blood glucose value entry
Possibility to personalize the device (language, glucose units, food units, time) Yes
Initial period between sensor start and first calibration 2 hours
Possibility to start sensor relation without initial period No
Possibility to disconnect transmitter from sensor for temporary period No
Transmitter and receiver connect every 5 minutes
Receiver size length: 101 mm
width: 46 mm
height: 13 mm
Receiver weight (including battery) 69 g
Receiver display size length: 46 mm
height: 35 mm
Graph size length: 39 mm
height: 25 mm
Receiver battery type Rechargeable, built in
Receiver battery to be recharged 3-5 days
Receiver ingress protection IP22
Transmitter size (including sensor base) length: 38 mm
width: 23 mm
height: 13 mm
Transmitter battery type Non-rechargeable, built in
Transmitter to be exchanged 6 - 12 months (manufacturer)
Transmitter ingress protection IP28
Degree of sensor insertion 45o
Sensor electrode size length: 13 mm
diameter at the base: 0.25 mm
diameter at the end: 0.25 mm
Sensor material Platinum / silver
Sensor reagents Glucose oxidase
Software for data download / evaluation stored on Downloaded from internet and installed on local drive
Downloaded data stored on Local drive

System menu

Some of the system menu options may not be available at any time depending on the receiver status.
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Value to set Value range Value set in steps of Function
Trend Graph               displays 3 hours graph
Start Sensor               initiates the sensor relation
Enter BG         BG reading 2.1 - 33.3 mmol/l
or 20 - 600 mg/dl
0.1 mmol/l
1 mg/dl
inputs blood glucose value for calibration
Profiles Vibrate             sets alert profile
Try It High Alert           plays alert sound
Low Alert          
Rise Rate          
Fall Rate          
Out of Range          
Fixed Low          
All Other Alerts          
Events Carbs       amount 0 - 200 g 1 g inputs amount of carbohydrates in food
Insulin       insulin dose 0 - 250 U 0.05 U inputs amount of injected insulin
one type of insulin only
Exercise Light     duration 0 - 360 min 1 min inputs information about exercise
Medium     duration 0 - 360 min 1 min
Heavy     duration 0 - 360 min 1 min
Health Illness     date/time     inputs information about other events
Stress     date/time    
High Symptoms     date/time    
Low Symptoms     date/time    
Cycle     date/time    
Alcohol     date/time    
Alerts High Alert On/Off On         sets high glucose alerts
Level     glucose value 6.7 - 22.2 mmol/l
or 120 - 400 mg/dl
0.55 mmol/l
or 10 mg/dl
Low Alert On/Off On         sets low glucose alerts
Level     glucose value 3.3 - 5.5 mmol/l
or 60 - 100 mg/dl mg/dl
0.28 mmol/l
or 5 mg/dl
Advanced High Snooze     snooze time 0 - 300 min 15 min sets snooze time for high glucose alerts
Low Snooze     snooze time 0 - 300 min 15 min sets snooze time for low glucose alerts
Rise rate On/Off On       sets rise rate alerts
Level   rise rate 0.11 and 0.17 mmol/l/min
or 2 and 3 mg/dl/min
Fall rate On/Off On       sets fall rate alerts
Level   fall rate 0.11 and 0.17 mmol/l/min
or 2 and 3 mg/dl/min
Out of range On/Off On       sets no data exchange between transmitter and receiver alert
Time   no connection time 20 - 200 min 5 min
Settings Time/Date       date/time     sets system date and time
Transmitter ID       alphanumeric code     sets transmitter ID
Time format 24 h           sets device time format
Language list of languages           sets device language
Device Info             displays:
- sensor insertion and remaining time
- time of last calibration
- transmitter battery status
- transmitter ID
- receiver serial number
- receiver part number and revision
- software number and revision
Shut down               switches receiver off
Stop sensor               stops sensor relation